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Generic drugs are identical to their brand name counterparts in every way except price and maybe the color or shape. Generics manufacturers are allowed to produce these lower cost versions once the patent expires on a brand name drug. Read more here


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Generic Orapred Dispersible
Prednisolone 2.5/5/10/20/40mg

Orapred Dispersible

Brand(s): Omnacortil

Manufacturer: Macleods

PackagePer pillPriceOrder
2.5mg × 30 tablet$0.90$26.95+ BUY NOW
2.5mg × 60 tablet$0.80$47.95+ BUY NOW
2.5mg × 90 tablet$0.72$64.95+ BUY NOW
2.5mg × 120 tablet$0.66$78.95+ BUY NOW

PackagePer pillPriceOrder
5mg × 30 tablet$1.06$31.95+ BUY NOW
5mg × 60 tablet$0.80$47.95+ BUY NOW
5mg × 90 tablet$0.72$64.95+ BUY NOW
5mg × 120 tablet$0.62$73.95+ BUY NOW

PackagePer pillPriceOrder
10mg × 30 tablet$1.17$34.95+ BUY NOW
10mg × 60 tablet$0.88$52.95+ BUY NOW
10mg × 90 tablet$0.78$69.95+ BUY NOW
10mg × 120 tablet$0.66$78.95+ BUY NOW

PackagePer pillPriceOrder
20mg × 30 tablet$1.17$34.95+ BUY NOW
20mg × 60 tablet$0.93$55.95+ BUY NOW
20mg × 90 tablet$0.82$73.95+ BUY NOW
20mg × 120 tablet$0.69$82.95+ BUY NOW

PackagePer pillPriceOrder
40mg × 30 tablet$1.36$40.95+ BUY NOW
40mg × 60 tablet$1.03$61.95+ BUY NOW
40mg × 90 tablet$0.82$73.95+ BUY NOW
40mg × 120 tablet$0.69$82.95+ BUY NOW

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Orapred Dispersible
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